UTM International Bridge Modelling Competition 2017

On the 26th until 29th of March 2017, a team of 5 civil engineering students from the School of Environmental Engineering has participated in the ‘UTM International Bridge Modelling Competition 2017’.  This competition was organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) located in Skudai, Johor. The aim of the competition is to encourage students to use knowledge and creativity to solve practical problems.

The event started with the bridge modelling construction. The participants were given 8 hours to complete a bridge model according to the specifications provided by the organizer. The bridge was made out of balsa wood and was only connected using strings and glue. After completing the bridge, the participants were given 3-4 hours for landscaping the bridge at respective booth using their own creativity.

The next day was judging day. The bridge was assessed in terms of its lightness, durability and creativity. The total team participated in this year event was 80, which came from different universities. All teams were given approximately 3 minutes to present on stage and sell their ideas to the judges. The event ended with a closing ceremony on the next day.

All in all, the event has successfully opened up the students’ mind on how to connect theory and practical. It also gave our students a chance to mingle with students from other universities and exchange ideas and experience.


Ms Ilya Joohari