Ong Soon An, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr.

Academic Qualifications:
Degree Year University
Ph.D 2006 Environmental Engineering, Oita University, Japan
MSc 2000 Environmental Chemistry, USM
BSc 2004 Chemistry, USM
Current Professional Membership:
  1. Member of Chemical Engineering Society of Japan (2003 - 2006)
  2. Member of Institute Chemistry Malaysia (2010 - present)
  3. Asia-Pacific Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society (2011 - present)
Current Teaching and Administrative Responsibilities:
Course Code Course Name
EAT 104 Fundamental of Chemical Engineering Processes
EAT 131 Environmmental Chemistry 
EAT 101 Basic Ecology
EAT 405 Environmental Remediation
Previous Employment:

1996-1997       : Seagate (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Waste Management Engineer

1998-1999       : University Science of Malaysia, Tutor (Part-time)

2000-2002     : Chemitreat (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Treatment Plant Design Engineer

2006-2007      : KUKUM, Lecturer (Temporary)

2007-2009      : JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow, Niigata University, Japan

2013-2014       : JSPS Fellow (Invitation), Niigata University, Japan

2009-2013      : University Malaysia Perlis, Senior Lecturer 2013-Present  : University Malaysia Perlis, Assoc. Prof.

Conferences and Training:
Research and Publications:

Journal articles

  1. Murali, ,   Ong,   S.-A.,  Ho   LN,   Wong, Y.-S.,   Hamidin,   N.,   ‘Comprehensive   review   and compilation   of   treatment   for   azo   dyes   using   microbial   fuel   cells’,  Water   Environment Research, (2013) Vol. 85 (3) 270-277. (Water Environment Federation)
  2. F. Khalik, S. A. Ong, LN Ho, Y. S. Wong, N. A. Yusoff, F. Ridwan, ‘Comparison on solarphotocatalytic degradation of Orange G and New Coccine using zinc oxide as catalyst’, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal,   (2014), Accepted.  (Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania)
  3. F. Khalik, S. A. Ong, LN Ho, Y. S. Wong, N. A. Yusoff, F. Ridwan, ‘Evaluation on the molecular structure of azo dye in photocatalytic mineralization under solar light irradiation’, Desalination and Water Treatment, (2015) Vol. 55 (8) 2229-2236. (Taylor & Francis)
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  2. Thung, W.-E., Ong, S.-A., Ho LN, Wong, Y.-S., Ridwan, F.,  Oon, Y.-L.,  Oon, Y.-S.,  Lehl, H.K. ‘A highly efficient  single  chambered  up-flow membrane-less   microbial fuel  cell  for treatment of azo dye Acid Orange 7-containing wastewater’,  Bioresource Technology, (2015) Vol. 197, 284-288. (Elsevier)
  3. Oon, Y.-L., Ong, S.-A., Ho LN, Wong, Y.-S., Oon, Y.-S., Lehl, H.K., Thung, W.-E., ‘Hybrid system up-flow constructed  wetland  integrated   with microbial fuel  cell for simultaneous wastewater  treatment and electricity  generation’,  Bioresource  Technology,  (2015)  Vol 186, 270-275. (Elsevier)
  4. Thung, -E.,   Ong,   S.-A.,  Ho   LN,   Wong,   Y.-S.,   Oon,   Y.-L.,   Oon,   Y.-S.,   Lehl,   H.K., ‘Simultaneous wastewater treatment and power  generation with innovative design of an upflow membrane-less microbial fuel cell’, Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, (2015) Vol. 226 (5)  Article number 2410. (Springer)
  5. Oon, Y.-L., Ong, S.-A., Ho LN, Wong, Y.-S., Dahalan, F.A., Oon, Y.-S., Lehl, H.K., Thung, W.-E., ‘Synergistic   effect   of   up-flow   constructed   wetland   and   microbial   fuel   cell   for simultaneous   wastewater   treatment   and   energy   recovery’,  Bioresource   Technology, (2016) Vol. 203, 190-197. (Elsevier)
  6. SL Lee, LN Ho, SA Ong, YS Wong, CH Voon, WF Khalik, NA Yusoff, N Nordin, ‘Enhanced Electricity Generation and Degradation of Azo Dye Reactive Green 19 in Photocatalytic Fuel Cell with ZnO/Zn as Photoanode’, Journal of Cleaner Production, Article In Press. (Elsevier)

 Research Grant

  1. Mechanism Study on Phytoremediation and Biodegradation of Azo Dye Wastewater using Aerobic-Anaerobic Baffled Constructed Wetlands

Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)

Amount: RM 95,000.00

Status: On-going

  1. Innovative design of simultaneous bio-electricity generation and wastewater treatment by microbial fuel cell

Science Fund, Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education

Amount: RM 185,500.00

Status: Completed

  1. Fundamental study on phytoremediation of azo dye by up flow constructed wetland with different emergent plants and reactor’s design

Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)

Amount: RM 48,000.00

Status: Completed

Research Awards

  1. JSPS fellowship (Postdoctoral)
  2. JSPS fellowship (Invitation)
  1. Environmental Quality for Beris Dam, Department of Irrigation and Drainage, Malaysia.
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