Muhammad Arkam Bin Che Munaaim, Ir. Dr.

Academic Qualifications:

Doctor of Philosophy (Energy Conservation), University Science Malaysia, Penang, 2014. Dissertation Title: The Assessment of Fibre Optic Daylighting Application for Interior Illumination in Malaysia Skies. Keywords: Remote Sourced Daylight, Fiber Optic Daylight.   MSc. Building Technology, University Science Malaysia, Penang, 2010. Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), University Technology Malaysia, 2000.

Diploma Electrical Engineering (Power), University Technology Malaysia, 1998.

Current Professional Membership:

Competencies Certificate

  1. Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM), Energy Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Tenaga Malaysia, ST), Since 2015. Registration Number PTE-0075-2015.
  2. Certified Construction Project Manager, CCPM, Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB), 2016.
  3. Qualified Person (Electrical, W3, W4), National Water Services Commission, SPANQP, (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara), Since 2008, Registration Number QP 285.
  4. National Industrial Experts Registration (DPIN), Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia, 2016.

 Professional Registration/Affiliation Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), National Industrial Experts Registration (MOHR), Institution Electrical & Electronics Engineers (MIEEE), Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET),  ASEAN Engineers Register (ASEAN Eng), ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer (ACPE), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Engineer (APEC Eng), EMF International PE (IntPE), Malaysia Green Building Confederation (MGBC), SPAN Qualified Person (Water & Sanitary), Malaysian Water Association (MWA), Malaysian Society for Engineering & Technology (MySET), Malaysian Invention & Design Society (MINDS), Malaysian Energy Professional Association (MEPA), CIDB Certified Construction Project Manager (CCPM).

Current Teaching and Administrative Responsibilities:

Fundamental of Electrical Engineering, Engineers in Society, Built Environment, Project Management.

Previous Employment:

Working Experiences

  1. 1st March 2014-Present: Senior Lecturer, University Malaysia Perlis UniMAP, responsible in teaching: Building Engineering, Fundamental of Electrical Engineering, Project Management, Engineers in Society, Built Environment with School of Environmental Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis.
  2. 1st March 2014-Present: Technical Advisor, Mega Jati Consult Sdn Bhd. Appointed to advise on the following projects: Solar Kuala Perlis (extension) 1.075MW, Perlis Oran Regiment 4 Army Camp, Unicity Solar 180kWatt Perlis, Penang Batu Maung expressway upgrading, Sungai Petani (N) Toll Plaza extension, Penang Tasek Gelugor Primary School, Ipoh Raja Perempuan Bainun Hospital, IRM Solar 5 MWatt Perlis.
  3. September 2013-March 2014: 6 months international exposure in United Kingdom exposed to UK's Competencies Area and moderate climatic building services construction methods in housing, road, drainage, offices and infrastructure. Technical visit to Domestic Solar Power Generation System, Wind Turbine and Nuclear Power Plant. Presented a Research Paper titled Remote Source Daylighting at Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield United Kingdom on 12th February 2014 for Department of Natural and Build Environment, Faculty of Development and Society, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom, seminar organized by Professor S. Paul.
  4. April 2011-August 2013: Resident Engineer (Mechanical & Electrical) for Mega Jati Consult Sdn. Bhd. M&E consultant for installation of FiT Solar Generator Projects. Development of 6.2MWatt Renewable Energy System at Kuala Perlis, Perlis. Total project worth RM 70M and 8MWatt Solar Renewable Energy System at Kuala Sawah, Rantau, Negeri Sembilan. Total project worth RM 80M.
  5. December 2009-April 2011: Resident Engineer (Mechanical & Electrical) for Mega Jati Consult Sdn. Bhd. for North Butterworth Container Terminal (NBCT) Butterworth, Penang, KDN State Complex, Perlis, UPP Padang Besar Project, Perlis and PDC Properties High Rise Residential Apartment, Penang, Malaysia. Total project worth RM 200M. Mechanical & Electrical installation scope of works.
  6. October 2007-December 2009: Resident Engineer (Mechanical & Electrical) for Mega Jati Consult Sdn. Bhd. Design And Build Project for Advanced Technology Centre (ADTEC), Kamunting Raya, Taiping, Perak Darul Ridzwan for The Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia involved in consultation, supervision, reporting and liaison with various authorities, ministry (Government), Public Works Department (PWD) and subcontractors/suppliers etc. Scope of work: Electrical Medium High Voltage & distribution systems, PA systems, MATV, telephone, lightning protection & grounding systems, CCTV & Security System, external lightings, air conditioner & ventilation, compressed air systems, cold water & sanitary systems, fire fighting systems, dust extractor and kitchen equipments. Project worth RM 160 million.
  7. December 2007-December 2008: Invited Lecturer, Power System, University Technology Mara (UiTM), Seberang Perai, Penang.
  8. January 2007-Dec 2010: Engineer (Electrical) Jurutera Perunding AZFA. Responsible on endorsement of design for Electrical System at Sports Complex, International Islamic University Kuantan & Bertam Primary School, Kepala Batas, Penang.
  9. April 2004-March 2006: Senior Project Engineer for Rasma Corporation Sdn. Bhd. Returned to Headquarters as Senior Project Engineer, continue controlling, supervising, making progress claim, attend meetings, substantiating variation order claims, preparing final account liaising with authorities, consultants, ministry (Government), Public Works Department (PWD) and subcontractors/suppliers for IKBN Seberang Prai Project & Radar Head Station TUDM Western Hill, Penang. Involved in tender preparations for PUTRAJAYA, UIA Gombak, MRSM Gemencheh, Mahkamah Jalan Duta Kuala Lumpur, Tabung Haji, Kompleks Perumahan SPNB, Kompleks Rakan Muda, TUDM Sukhoi, Gong Kedak Terengganu. Seconded to Tabung Haji Switchgear project and TUDM Sukhoi Project as Project Engineer. Project worth RM40M.
  10. June 2003-March 2004: Project Engineer for Rasma Corporation Sdn. Bhd. Full-time site representative at TUDM Western Hill Project, scope of work includes demolition, dismantle & transport, civil works, building works, mechanical & electrical services. Upgrading & refurbishment TUDM Radar Station for The Ministry of Defense. Project worth RM 30 million.
  11. Mei 2001-June 2003: Project Engineer for Mega Nine Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Rasma Corporation Sdn. Bhd. Full-time site representative at Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara, Seberang Prai, Penang. Delivery, installation, testing & commissioning of mechanical & electrical services. Responsible in controlling, managing, liaising with authorities, reporting, supervising, preparation of progress and variation order claims, etc. for The Ministry of Youths & Sports Malaysia. Project worth RM 62 million.
  12. June 2000-Mei 2001: Testing Engineer for Just Basic Engineering Sdn. Bhd., was assigned to perform the following duties:

    Testing of electrical EHV switchgears namely rated 11kV and 33kV vacuum circuit breakers, 132kV gas (SF6) circuit breakers & 275kV Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS). Testing of power transformer rating 275/132/33 kV (240 MVA, 90 MVA, 30MVA) Testing of grounding and lightning protection system for EHV Switchgear at substation. Testing of control and protection system for EHV switchgear at substation. Working in an AC DC Converter Station 300kV HVDC at Gurun Substation. Substation DC (110 V) and AC (415 V) supply distribution system. Working in a live 275/132/33 kV substation.



  1. Committee Member, Education and Training (ENT), Board of Engineers Malaysia (2016).
  1. Committee Member, Development of SIRIM STANDARD for `Best Practice In Implementing Energy Management For SMEs’, 2016.
  1. Advisory Panel, Arau Vocational College, Perlis (Electronic Technology), 2016.
  1. National Industrial Experts Registration (DPIN), Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia, 2016.
  1. National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) Panel, Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia, 2016.
  1. Industrial Advisory Panel (IAP) Member, School of Electrical and Electronics, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang, 2016.
  1. Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) Panel Member (Industry), Board of Engineers Malaysia, 2016.
  1. Professional Examination Interviewer, the Institute of Engineers Malaysia (Kedah/Perlis Branch), 2016.
  1. Professional Examination Interviewer, Malaysia Society of Engineering and Technology (MySET), 2016.
  1. Professional Examination Reviewer (For Fail Cases), Malaysia Society of Engineering and Technology (MySET), 2016.
  1. Technical Expert, Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS), Malaysian Green Technology Corporation, 2015.
  1. Editorial Board Member, Science Journal of Energy Engineering Science Publishing Group, Science PG, United States of America. ( )
  1. Reviewer, Cogent Engineering, Taylor & Francis Group (
  1. Reviewer, Malaysian Technical Universities Conference on Engineering and Technology (MUCET 2015), Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, 2015. (
  1. Reviewer, International Conference on Architecture and Built Environment (ICABE 2016), International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2016.(
  1. Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Advisory Panel (AP) for Industrial Electronics, National Skills Youth Institute, the Ministry of Youths and Sports Malaysia.
  1. United States Green Building Confederation (USGBC), (
Conferences and Training:
  1. IEM Talk Series (Presenter), Development of Solar Power Plant in Malaysia (April 2015)
  2. Research Seminar Series (Presenter): Potential of Fibre Optic Daylighting in Malaysian Climate, Sheffield Hallam University, February 2014.
  3. Green Building Index Facilitator (GBIF), May 2013.
Research and Publications:
1 M. Arkam C. Munaaim, Karam M. Al-Obaidi, M. R. Ismail, A. M. Abdul Rahman A review study on the application of the fibre optic daylighting system in Malaysian buildings, Taylor & Francis: International Journal of Sustainable Building Technology and Urban Development Scopus
2 M. Arkam C. Munaaim, Karam M. Al-Obaidi, M. R. Ismail, A. M. Abdul Rahman Potential of fibre optic daylighting systems in tropical Malaysia, SAGE: Indoor and Built Environment, I/F: 1.716 ISI-Scopus
3 M. Arkam C. Munaaim, Karam M. Al-Obaidi, M. R. Ismail, A. M. Abdul Rahman Empirical Evaluation of the Effect of Heat Gain from Fiber Optic Daylighting System on Tropical Building Interiors, Sustainability 2014, 6, 9231-9243; doi:10.3390/su612923 Sustainability ISSN 2071-1050 I/F: 1.077 ISI-Scopus
4 M. Pauzi M. Kassim, Karam M. Al-Obaidi, M. Arkam C. Munaaim and Abd. Mokhti Salleh Feasibility Study on Solar Power Plant Utility Grid under Malaysia Feed-in Tariff, American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences Volume 8,Issue 2, Pages 210-222 Scopus
5 M. Arkam C. Munaaim, Karam M. Al-Obaidi, Mohd Rodzi Ismail, Abdul Malek Abdul Rahman. The Behavior of Internal Humidity from Fibre Optic Daylighting Application, Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences & Engineering) 75:9 (2015) 1-7, | eISSN 2180–3722, UTM Press. Scopus
6 M. A. C. Munaaim, N. Hamidin, A. Ayob, N. Md. Sani, A.M. Salleh (2016) Application Of Micro Hydro Electric System Attached To Effluent Discharge Point Of Sewerage Treatment Plant (Proceeding) 5th Annual Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Sciences (SEES 2016)  
7 Mustaqqim Abdul Rahim, Abdul Naser Abdul Ghani, M. Arkam C. Munaaim (2016) Lightning Protection System In Malaysia: Materials Selection For Down Conductor Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences & Engineering) 78:5 (2016), | eISSN 2180–3722, UTM Press. Scopus
8 M. Arkam C. Munaaim, N. Hamidin, A. Ayob. (2016) Review On The Potential Of Micro Hydro Electric Generator Embedded At Effluent Discharge Of Sewerage Treatment Plant Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences & Engineering) 78:5 (2016), | eISSN 2180–3722, UTM Press. Scopus
9 Rahim, Mustaqqim Abdul; Ghani, Abdul Naser Abdul; M. Arkam C. Munaaim, et. al. (2016) The Temperature Effect to the Concrete Due to the Single Strike of High Electric Current. Materials Science Forum. 2016, Vol. 857, p337-341. 5p.  Trans Tech Publications, Ltd Scopus
10 Adibah Zainon, Afizah Ayob, M. Arkam C. Munaaim, et. al. (2016) Bid Evaluation Strategy Among G7 Construction Companies In Northern States Of Malaysia. Research Journal Of Fisheries And Hydrobiology I/F: 1.077 ISI
11 Fahisal Abdullah ,M. Arkam C. Munaaim , Shafriza Nisha Basah and Sazali Yaacob (2016) The Feasibility Study Of Applying Solar Tracking In Power Plant Kuala Perlis, Malaysia IEEE Conference on Systems, Process and Control, Melaka, Malaysia Scopus
12 Mustaqqim Abdul Rahim, Abdul Naser Abdul Ghani, M.  Arkam C.  Munaaim, et. al. (2016) Flexural Behaviour Of Reinforced Concrete Beam Embedded With Lightning Protection Cable ISBN 978-93-84422-37-0 International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Sustainable Development (CASD'2016), London (UK) Dec. 1-2, 2016  

Mega Jati Consult Sdn Bhd, Appointed Technical Director, M&E Consultant for below projects:

  • Solar Power Plant, Kuala Perlis 7MWatt
  • Solar Power Plant, Kuala Sawah, Negeri Sembilan, 6MW.
  • Solar Power Plant, Padang Besar, 5MWatt
  • Oran Ranger Army Camp, Perlis.
  • Batu Maung Highway P10, Penang.
  • Tasek Gelugor Primary School, Penang.
  • Sungai Petani (North) Tol Plaza Extension Works.
  • Tuanku Raja Perempuan Bainun Hospital, Ipoh.
Community Service:
  • Technical Advisory Comittee, IKBN Seberang Perai
  • Curriculum Reviewer Panel, Politeknik Alor Setar (Building Services)
  • Curriculum Reviewer Panel and Endorser, IKBN Seberang Perai (Diploma Electronic Industry)
  • Trainer, Seni Silat.
  • Higher Education and Research Committee Member, Malaysian Green Building Confederation.
Other Relevant Information:

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