Site Visit to a Basement Car Park Construction in Kuala Lumpur

On the 30th of March 2017, a group of civil engineering students from the School of Environmental Engineering has conducted a site visit for the construction of a basement car park located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The site visit was supervised by two lecturers. The aim of the site visit was to give exposure and experience to the students on the real civil engineering works on site. This project is under the supervision of Sunway Construction Group Berhad, while the site visit was led by Mr. Zahrul Huzairi, a safety officer.

During the visit, the students were given an opportunity to observe civil engineering related works such as earthwork, steel work and concrete work. The student had witness how an excavation work was conducted for a top – down building construction, apart from getting a close – up on how the installation and preparation of steel bar for beams and columns, as well as many other structural work.

In conclusion, the site visit has broadened the mind of the students in civil engineering, and at the same time giving them the experience of how it is actually like being a civil engineer. It is hoped that similar site visit such as this is conducted in the near future to raise the student’s interest, hence knowing how to relate the theories in class with the practical work on site.

Prepared by: Ilya Joohari