Research Grants

The received research grants aim to broaden the schools research base through investment in capacity building in emerging fields of research excellence in terms of the quality and impact of publications and other outputs. Research funding is provided on a competitive basis to research clusters that demonstrate through a business plan a high return on investment.


Fundamental Research Grants in 2011

ResearchersTitle of Research GrantsTotal
Dr. Tengku Nuraiti Tengku IzharIdentification of Organic Tracers in Planning Strategic Landfill MonitoringRM83000
Dr. Fahmi Muhammad Ridwan Pilot Plant Study Of Ozonation And Biological Activated Carbon (BAC) With Recycling For Advanced Drinking Water TreatmentRM55000

Short Term Research Grants in 2010

ResearchersTitle of Research GrantsTotal
Salsuwanda SelamatThe development of wireless environmental monitoring sensors and sensor nodesRM14000
Roshazita Che AmatRecycled Coarse Aggregate (RCA) and Recycled Fine Aggregate (RFA) in Cement CompositeRM11000
Ong Soon AnPhytoremediation of PAH-containing wastewater by model up-flow constructed wetland RM14000
Norlia Mohamad IbrahimThe Study Of Soil Physical Properties And The Effect Of Vibration During Construction To The Soil Stability For UniMAP Campus PauhRM11000
Md Hadli Abu Hassan Behaviours of small scale steel-lightweight concrete composite slabRM8000

Fundamental Research Grants in 2010

ResearchersTitle of Research GrantsTotal
Roslaili Abdul AzizExtraction Optimization Study on Jatropha Curcas Seeds By In-Situ Transesterification Process of Biodiesel ProductionRM48000
Ong Soon An Fundamental Study on Phytoremediation of Azo Dye by Up-flow Constructed Wetland with different Emergent Plants and Reactor’s Design RM48000
Ain Nihla Kamarudzaman Study of Landfill Leachate Treatment Using Free Water Surface and Sub Surface Flow Constructed Wetland Under Different Hydraulic Loading Rate RM48000
Fahmi Muhammad Ridwan Study on Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) and Biological Treatment Mechanisms for Azo Dye Industrial EffluentRM62040
Norazian Mohamed Nor Imputation Technique for Estimating Missing Values in Managing Air Quality in Malaysia RM45660
Ayu Wazira Azhari The Development Of Simplified Model In Estimation Of Diffuse Component Of Solar Radiation RM40000
Mahyun Ab WahabDevelopment Of Urban Runoff Characteristics In PerlisRM48000

Short Term Research Grants in 2009

ResearchersTitle of Research GrantsTotal
Dr. Fahmi Muhammad RidwanRemoval of Dye in Drinking Water Sources by Ozonation and Biological Activated (BAC) with RecyclingRM10000
Nor Ashikin AhmadAzodye Removal using Moringa OleiferRM10000
Nor Wahidatul AzuraCompetitive of Removal of Hardness and background Turbidity in Raw Water for Drinking Water by Moringa OleiferaRM10000
Roslaili Abdul AzizThe extraction effect of jatropha curcas seeds in in-situ transesterification process for biodiesel productionRM10000

Fundamental Research Grants in 2009

ResearchersTitle of Research GrantsTotal
Project Leader: Shear strength characteristics of compacted fill material under ponding conditionRM50000
Dr. Ir. Mohd AsriTOTALRM50000

Short Term Research Grants in 2008

ResearchersTitle of Research GrantsTotal
Nabilah Aminah Lutpi, Nor Ashikin AhmadApplication of Malaysian Soil for SO2 and CO2 Removal from Flue Gas RM10000
Ayu Wazira Azhari, Abdul Haqi Ibrahim, Mahyun Ab Wahab, Salwa Mohd Zaini MakhtarStudy on the Applicability of Using Satellite Images in Estimation of Solar RadiationRM10000
Wong Yee Shian, Norazian Mohamed Noor, Dr. Fahmi Muhammad RidwanStudy of Closed Anaerobic Digestion Mechanism for Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)RM10000
Ain Nihla Kamarudzaman, Roslaili Abdul Aziz, Norazian Mohamed NoorStudy of Characteristic And Variation of Pollutant Loads of Sungai PerlisRM10000
Umar Haji Kassim, Wan Mohd Sabki Wan Omar, Kamarudin Md NorBahan Binaan Mampan Dengan Menggunakan bahan Penebat Organik dan Ferrosimen sebagai Binaan Struktur – Penumpuan kepada Atap (Bumbung)RM6000

Sciencefund Research Grants in 2007

ResearchersTitle of Research GrantsTotal
Project Leader : Dr. Khairul Nizar Ismail‘Development of Cost Effective Cement Matrix Composites’RM154000
Project Leader: Prof. Madya Dr. Ye Lwin‘Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass to Synthetic Gasoline’RM168000

Fundamental Research Grants in 2007

ResearchersTitle of Research GrantsTotal
Project Leader: Norazian Mohamed Noor‘Assessment of Imputation Techniques for Replacement of Missing Values in Enviromental Data Sets’RM79000
Project Leader: Mahyun Ab.Wahab‘Effect of Pore Former on the Structure and Morphology of Hydrotalcite-Derived Mixed Oxides’RM45600
Project Leader: Azlinda Abdul Ghani‘Mechanism Involved in Chemical and Biological Treatment of Leachate’RM30000
Project Leader: Ragunathan a/l Santiagoo‘Adsorption Mechanism of Toxic Metals on Biomaerials Using Packed Column Reactor’RM30000
Project Leader: Dr. Anbu Clemensis Johnson‘Study of Hydrogen Production Mechanism from Biological Wastes’RM110000
Project Leader: Dr. Anwar Ahmad‘Reduction Mechanism of Greenhouse Gases by Microalgae Biofixation of CO2’RM30000
Project Leader: Abdul Haqi Ibrahim‘Modelling of Vertical Profile of Airborne Particulates (PM10 and PM2.5) in Perlis’RM30000
Project Leader: Dr. Khairul Nizar Ismail‘Predictive Model of Enviromental Management Plan Using Automated Data Collection System at UniMAP Campus, Ulu Pauh’RM100000
Project Leader: Salwa Mohd. Zaini Makhtar‘Mechanism Photocatalytic of Leachate’RM30000

Short Term Research Grants in 2006

ResearchersTitle of Research GrantsTotal
Project Leader: Saiful Azhar Saad‘Phytoremediation Of Industrial Effluent Containing Azo Dyes By Model Constructed Wetland’RM18450
Project Leader: Naimah Ibrahim‘Continuous – flow Adsorption of Heavy Metal on ‘Oil Palm Waste Materials : Dynamics and Design Simulation’RM17000
Project Leader: Abdul Haqi Ibrahim‘The Effect Of Sugarcane Farm Burning To The Health Of Perlis People’RM14000
Project Leader: Azlinda Abdul Ghani‘A Study Of Leachate and Surface Water Contamination At Kampung Wai Dumping Site’RM13500

Fundamental Research Grants in 2006

ResearchersTitle of Research GrantsTotal
Project Leader: Prof. Madya Dr. Ye Lwin‘Equilibrium and Kinetics Study of Hydrogen Adsorption on mg-based Hydrotalcite – Derived Mixed Oxcides’RM168000
Project Leader: Naimah Ibrahim‘Development of Economical Adsorbent Using Sugarcane By-products’RM25000
Project Leader: Umi Fazara Md Ali‘Electrochemical Processes For Wastewater Treatment Conception, Design, Characterization and Modelling’RM15000
Project Leader: Dr. Ong Soon An‘Treatment of Dyes – Containing Wastewater by Granular Activated Carbon-Biofilm Configured Sequencing Batch Reactor’RM40000