Final Year Project (RK01)

These are the list of student candidate, title for FYP and respective supervisor responsible for Civil Engineering Program (RK01) Academic Session 2016/2017.

1CIK ILYA JOHARIThe study on self – compacting concrete using recycled cement – sand brick as coarse aggregate replacementNur Izzati Syazwani Abdul Halim
2The study on lightweight concrete using recycled cement – sand brick as coarse aggregate replacementNor Farhani Ishak
3The effects of tyre fibre reinforcement on cracks in self – compacting concreteAmir Arif Abdul Razak
4Crack behavior on self – compacting concrete using PET bottles as fibre reinforcementMuhammad Zaeem Zaharin
5Analysis of deflection on frames subjected to different horizontal loadingTheivigaa Selokomar
6PM.IR. ABDUL GHAPAR AHMADA module quality management system in inspections and handling over of project construction stage at Campus Pauh Putra, UniMAPTan Soon Zee
7Determination of the project cost estimates realistic in the implementation of the project - case study projects completed in campus Pauh Putra, UniMAPNg Chin Hooi
8PN. ROSHAZITA CHE AMATEffects of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator’s ashes as mineral addition in Concrete PropertiesMones Zarzour
9Influence of Cement Paste Component in Concrete at High TemperaturesAinaa Syamimi Abdul Hamid
10PN. NORLIA MOHAMAD IBRAHIMPotential use of non-treated bottom ash in self-compacted foam concreteEbrahim Almeri
11Alkali-treated of bottom ash in production of lightweight foam concretePhuah Jenn Peng
12PN.NORFAIZAH BAWADIAn evaluation of damping on soft clay using hysteresis loopMuhammad Akmal Mohd Sidi
13Determination of physical components of the shear strength for residual soilLee Soon Siang
14Determination of the stress-volume change relationships on compacted soilTan Teing Teing
15PN. AIN NIHLA KAMARUDZAMANBiosorption of Heavy Metals from Aqueous solution using Pleurotus Spent Mushroom Compost as BiosorbentMas Farain Abdullah
16Heavy metals biosorption using combo biosorbent derived from agricultural wasteFatin Aqila Zahir
17Distributions and analysis of heavy metals contamination in soil, PerlisWoo Yee Shan
18EN. MOHD FAIZ BIN MOHAMMAD ZAKIEffect of earthquake on slope buttress protectionFarah Sharmiera Saifuddin
19Study of physical modelling on rock buttressNour Aldin Saied Omar
20Implementation of IBS system in construction industryNor Izzati Muhammad Azmin
21Study of ground anchor as slope remedial for retaining wall constructionChan Kar Leong
22DR. WAN MOHD SABKI WAN OMARAnalysis of prestressed beam by finite element methodMuhamad Rafini Kamaruzzaman
23Buckling analysis of steel columns using finite element methodAng Seong Hean
24Statistical analysis on NDT test on concreteKhaw Hang Wei
25Structural assessment of building with crack problemNur Fatehah Yahaya
26PN. SHAMSHINAR BINTI SALEHUDDINDurability properties of sustainable concrete containing waste materialsNorshafiqah Mohd Ariffin
27Physical properties, behavior, and testing of geotextilesMuhammad Hafiz Ahmad Sobri
28Factors affecting crack repairing capacity of bacteria-based self-healing concreteNgiew Wan Rou
29Develop a system to approximate the reinforcement in designing a structureMohamad Firdaus Ariffin
30IR. DR. MOHD ASRI BIN AB RAHIMComputer simulation on the behavior of cantilever contiguous bore pile (CBP) wallLee Yan Kuan
31Comparison of the behavior of RC sheet pile wall vs steel sheet pileChan Wai Lik
32Laboratory test on a scaled down model of stone column installed in soft clayKong Shen Kai
33Quantifying the effect of debris/rubbish on open channel flowMohammed Faez Salem Baqader
34PM. DR. KHAIRUL NIZARApplication of microscopic techniques for studying microstructure of concretes containing fly ashNur Fatihah Halim
35Lightweight aggregates produced by granulation of cementSheila Syazuwanie Samsuri
36Lightweight aggregates from mixtures of fly ash with clayHanif Ismail
37Temperature variation in concrete samples due to cement hydrationKhor Yee Ling
38IR. DR. MUHAMMAD ARKAM CHE MUNAAIMIntegration of UniMAP's student bus routing towards free city-bus services for local people in PerlisYap Kah Chun
39Prototyping the water quality monitoring apparatus using data log and GSM moduleMohammed Nasser Ali Alsahari
40The assessment of UniMAP's library for certified Green Building Index complianceZunnurain Masood
41PN. MAHYUN AB WAHABRainwater filtration system for domestic usedLiew Kok Shyang
42Flood forecasting simulation using SWMM5 for Sungai PerlisNoor Amirah Abdul Jamil
43Design of on-site detention for UniMAP Pauh Campus based on MSMA 1 and MSMA 2Nurul Lyana Shazreen Padli
44Low cost drainage cover for residential usedNadzrul Adha Mohd Basir Selvam
45DR. ZULKARNAIN BIN HASSANFlood Modelling using Hec-HMS for the Timah-Tasoh CatchmentKoh Chan Hao
46Daily rainfall trend over Peninsular MalaysiaAhmad Haidir Roslan
47Daily Rainfall Extremes over Peninsular MalaysiaOng Soon Jin
48Rainfall Projection Corresponding to Climate Scenarios based on Statistical and Dynamic Downscaling ModelsMohd Faez Mohd Mansur
49DR. AFIZAH AYOBCarbonation effect of reinforced geopolymer concrete slabBasel Mazaz Majed
50Seasonal variation of grain size and heavy metals concentration in sediment of Sungai PerlisMukhriz Mohammad
51Preliminary water footprint assessment for Sungai Korok, PerlisOng Chun Yong
52ZUHAYR BIN MD. GHAZALYSoftware Application for Determination of Bearing Capacity of SoilKhaw Jia Yan
53Rainfall impact on slope stabilityChong Fui San
54Deformation Characteristics of Stabilized Peat Soil Using LimeMuhammed Z. A Melhem
55The Physical and Strength Properties of Cement Treated Marine ClayHafizah Iffah Suib
56PN.SHAMILAH BINTI ANUDAI@ANUARCompressive strength of concrete with the effect of salt waterMoustafa Al Esali Hussein
57Compressive strength of concrete with the effect of river waterMuhamad Izzad Amir Hamdan
58Compressive strength of concrete with the effect of rain waterAmira Amalina Mohd Ali
59Compressive strength of concrete under tropical climate changeTan Zhen Huang
60EN. MOHD EKHWAN BIN RAZALIThe effect of natural fiber (palm oil) and synthetic fiber on the concrete performanceFadhel Ahmed Ali ba Fadhel
61The effect of natural fiber (palm oil) on the concrete performanceYeap Jin Lin
62The effect of natural fiber (kenaf) on the concrete performanceAmer Abdul Aziz Amer Salem
63The effect of natural fiber (banana) and sythetic fiber on the concrete performanceAhmad Barakat Bhjat
64The effect of natural fiber (banana) on the concrete performanceChong Wei Qiang
65DR. UMAR KASSIMIndustrialized building system (IBS) lightweight organic matter brickAu Yong She Pin
66Industrialized building system (IBS) partition boardSaid AbdiRahman Nur
67Industrialized building system (IBS) ceiling boardAhmad Faidzrul Che Lah
68Industrialized building system (IBS) composite lightweight wallMohd Rohim Omar
69PN.SALWA BINTI ZAINI MAKHTARRiver water quality monitoring and classifacation for Sungai PerlisSiti Norhafidah Ibrahim
70River water quality monitoring and classifacation for Sungai ArauSathiash Kunasekaran
71River water quality monitoring and classifacation for Sungai SantanNoranira Nordin
72IR. MUSTAQQIM ABDUL RAHIMSoftware Analysis of the Reinforced Concrete structure with the effect from installation of additional Reinforcement in the concreteKoay Jye Yueh
73The Natural Frequency analysis of Reinforced Concrete StructuresYeap Sook Cheng
74The temperature variation effect in the concrete structure from the heat generated from external sourceBashir AbdiRahman Jama
75The study of crack pattern behavior and the relationship with load-displacement analysis of reinforced concrete structureAnwar Faisal Mohammed Saif