Final Year Project (RK07)

These are the list of student candidate, title for FYP and respective supervisor responsible for Environmental Engineering Program (RK07) Academic session 2016/2017.

1PM Dr. Nasrul Hamidin1Nur Zaimah Muhammad zahirManaging motor vehicles towards a green campus
2 Tan Siew YanThe assessment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in public hospitals
2Dr. Abdul Haqi Ibrahim1Nurhanim NasaruddinImpak psikososial, ekonomi dan risiko kesihatan terhadap penduduk setempat akibat pencemaran udara industri
2Teo Shwu WanStatus kepatuhan petani dalam mengamalkan konsep amalan pertanian baik dalam pengurusan penggunaan pestisid di Perlis dan kesannya terhadap risiko kesihatan petani dan masyarakat
3Dr. Tengku Nuraiti Tengku Izhar1Goh Zhi KeeRemoval of Odorant Gaseous from Construction and Demolition Waste in Landfill
2Assma Salsabila IbrahimStudy on Gaseous Emmision Effects from a Landfill.
4Dr. Sara Yasina Yusuf1Siti Nurain SallehWater footprint assessment of Perlis river basin: case study of Perlis irrigation
5Dr. Naimah Ibrahim1Siti Zubaidah MohamadInfluence of Metal Additives on Catalytic Removal of NOx by Carbonaceous Material
2Annie Yong Sing HungMechanistic Study on Adsorptive Properties of Modified Clay Brick Waste
6Dr. Norazian Mohamed Noor1Nor Naimah MohamadVariation of Ground Level Ozone Exceedances in the Westcoast of Peninsular Malaysia
2Wong Yoon KeawAssociation between Student Academic Achievement and Students’ Satisfaction Towards University Infrastructure, Administration, Teaching and Learning. A case study in School of Environmental Engineering UniMAP
7Dr. Farah Naemah Mohd Saad1Azuamira AhmadBiological treatment of textile effluent using bacteria application.
2Lee Woon HowComparative study of plant-based coagulant in reducing COD and turbidity of industrial effluent.
3Anis Athirah AzizStudy of phytoremediation in reducing COD and color of textile wastewater.
8Dr. Irnis Azura Zakarya1Norhasykin Mohd RamziPotential organic fertilizer by composting of food waste with rice straw ash
9Pn. Zaity Syazwani Mohd Odli1Hanis Wahidah MuhammadCoastal Water Quality Issues Due to Development along Kuala Perlis Coastal Area
2Nur aliah zulaiha MasfuatShoreline Protection Issues in Integrated Coastal Zone Management
10Dr. Farrah Aini Dahalan1Nur Ezzati Abd GhaniCharacterization of blooming algae in North Malaysia
2Sakinaton Kamilah AzmiIsolation and characterization of bacteria from Anabas Testudeus
3Ain aqillaIsolation and Characterization of Metaldehyde-tolerant bacteria from activated sludge floc
11Dr. Umi Fazara Mohd Ali1Tsai Sen MeeContinuous Removal of Dye from Textile Wastewater using Sea Mango Activated Carbon
2Tan Ru ShienBatch and Continuous Microwave-assisted regeneration of sea mango activated carbon
12PM Dr. Ong Soon An1Liew Wei WenBiological removal of phenol using hybrid growth sequencing batch reactor (SBR).
2Mas nadia fatihah IshakSimultaneous azo dye degradation and bioelectricity generation by using Microbial Fuel Cell
3Nurfarhaniz AzmiSimultaneous Removal Of Color, Nutrients And Organic Compounds From Wastewater Containing Azo Dye Using Aerobic Anaerobic BaffledConstructed Wetland Reactor
13PM Dr. Fahmi Muhammad Ridwan1Choo Woan TingOxidative Regeneration of Spent Activated Carbon from Industrial Application
2Nur Afiqah Shubhiah KamarulzamanDecolourization of Azo Dye by Tamarind Seed
3Yong Wei LunInfluence of wastewater matrix in degradation of p-cresol in AOPs
14Dr. Ragunanthan a/l Santiagoo1Aswarya Panir ChelvamCharacterization and Properties of PP/NBRr/ Kenaf Core composites PP – Polypropylene NBRr – RecycleAcrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber
2Nur Abdillah AbidinCharacterization and Properties of PP/NBRr/ Kenaf Fibre composites PP – Polypropylene NBRr – RecycleAcrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber
3Mohd Aiman Mamat NorCharacterization and Properties of PP/NBRr/ T-Sago composites PP – Polypropylene NBRr – RecycleAcrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber
15Dr. Wong Yee Shian1Siti Quraisyia Mohd MarzukiTreatment of Molasses Wastewater Using Combined Process of Anaerobic and Sequencing Batch Reactor
16Dr. Khairuddin Md. Isa1Tan Sing MeiCatalytic slow pyrolysis of oil palm fronds over Na2CO3/C, zeolite and dolomite and the catalysts effect on deoxygenation pathways
2Nur Syafiqa ZulkifliCatalytic slow pyrolysis of oil palm fronds over KOH/C, zeolite and dolomite and the catalysts effect on deoxygenation pathways
3Mohd Alham Hasrullah Mohd HanapiThe effect of vermicompost on the growth rate of Kenaf
17Dr. Noor Ainee Zainol1Ng Kah KingFeasibility study on banana stem juice as a coagulant in treating landfill leachate via coagulation process
2Nur Adrina Nadia MohamadUse of alum and ferric sulfate for treating landfill leachate via coagulation: a comparative study
3Farah nur Syarmimi AliasCactus opuntia as coagulant in treating surface water and landfill leachate via coagulation process
18Cik Azlinda Abd. Ghani1Adibah Mohd anasCharacteristic of potential biomass for biocomposite
2Engku Noor Amira Engku HussinSulfur vulcanization of PP/NBRr/BSP composites.
19Dr. Ayu Wazira Azhari1Siti Suzzanna IsmailDevelopment of teaching tool for teaching and learning of the topic photosynthesis by using the concept of a dye sensitized solar cell.
2Lee Weng YeeReutilization of dyes from Batik industry effluent as dye sensitizers in dye sensitize solar cell (DSSC).
3Wan Zariah Wan MudaSynthesis and fabrication of new dye sensitizer from rubber processing industries effluent.
20En. Saiful Azhar Saad1Ng Lee PingNi(II) Removal by using Activated Carbon from Sugarcane Bagasse: Optimization by Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
2Nur Raodatuljannah Abdul gapparNi(II) Removal by using Activated Carbon from Rice Husk: Optimization by Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
3Nurin Zakaria Ni(II) Removal by using Activated Carbon from Rice Straw: Optimization by Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM).
21Pn. Faridah Wahab1Fadhilah NorddinErgonomic Risk Assessment among bus driver in Perlis
2Wan Ahmad Nor Fawzul Hakiimie Wan RozaliRisk Factor Contributing to Commuting Accident in Perlis
3Kam Yi PeiReduction of Waste Through Cleaner Production Options In Food Industries and Restaurant
22Dr. Najihah Abdul Rashid1Ierra Nadia MuhamedTreatment of diesel contaminated wastewater using slow sand filter
2Norafifah ShahrirAssessment of intermittently loaded woodchip and sand filters to treat diesel wastewater
23Dr. Che Zulzikrami Azner Abidin1Nur Atiqah Abdul RahmanDegradation of Xenobiotic Organic Compounds (XOC) in Aqueous Solution by O3/S2O82- Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs)
2Chin May YeePhotodegradation of p-Creasol by ZnO under Continuous UV Irradiation
3Nur Afifa Mad HussinOptimization of Anthraquinone Dye Wastewater Treatment using Ozone in the Presence of Persulfate Ions in a Semi-batch Reactor
24Dr. Salsuwanda Selamat1Asyraf KamarudinThermal properties of grout materials for prefabricated ground heat exchanger slabs
2Nuraini RomliHeat exchange rate of different pipe materials used in prefabricated ground heat exchanger slab
3Amirul Hakim MahmodThermal performance of prefabricated ground heat exchanger slabs of several pipe configurations
25Pn. Roslaili Abdul Aziz1Ng Siew LingStabilization of heavy metals in a contaminated paddy soil amended with zeolite clinoptilolite – an incubation study
2Ahmad Khawarizmi JohariCharacterization and evaluation of heavy metal contaminated paddy soil treated with activated zeolite clinoptilolite
26Dr. Nabilah Aminah Lutpi1Che Mohd Ruhaizul Che RidzuanBiohydrogen production using activated carbon as solid carriers from molasses fermentation
2Che Nur Saihah Che ZuharEnhancement of batch biohydrogen production frommolasses of sugarcane bagasse