SAMM MS ISO/IEC 17025:2005

The school is embarking into consultation and laboratory services to the industries.  To fulfil the industrial requirements, several of our testing and analysis facilities are accredited with SAMM MS ISO/IEC 17025 which was granted by the Department of Standard Malaysia (DSM) (Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia, SAMM 581).  The scope of accreditation covering the area of:

  • Mechanical (e.g. Concrete compression)
  • Chemical (e.g. Waste water, surface water, drinking water, groundwater)
Field of Testing: Mechanical
Material/Product TestedType of TestStandard Test Method
Concrete cubeCompressionMS EN 12390-3: 2010
Field of Testing: Chemical
Site Testing: Category 1
Material/Product TestedType of TestStandard Test Method
Wastewater, Surface water, Drinking water, GroundwaterpHAPHA 4500- H+B (21st Ed.)
TemperatureAPHA 2500- B (21st Ed.)