Report of SES competition 2018

On 31 March 2018, a total of 9 students from year 1, 3 and 4 of Civil Engineering (RK 01) programs has represented the School of Environmental Engineering to join Structural Earthquake Stability (SES) competition held at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Kajang, Kuala Lumpur. These students have been accompanied by two lecturers; Dr Nik Zainab Nik Azizan and Dr Shamilah Anudai@Anuar. A total of 30 University from local and private university have been joined this competition and each of the university was represented by 2 teams. Unimap also has been represented by 2 teams which are named as Burj Khalifa and Fujiyama. The aim of this competition is to expose the student with the effect of earthquake on high rise building structure. Moreover, students can gain a real experience in constructing the structure that can sustain earthquake loading. The student had been provided with equipment to construct a tower in accordance to the provided specification by the organizer. Each team had been provided with mounting board, sand paper, balsa woods, super glue and structure base. SES competition requires the students to build a model of tower with an observation deck or known as a transmission tower. This tower is aimed to resist the simulated earthquakes generated by the shaking table. Every team had been given 3.5 hours to design and construct a model tower using materials provided by the organizer. Upon the completion of the model, it had been tested on the shaking table. The artificial earthquakes in various intensified had been generated. The test comprises of 7 levels with duration of 45 seconds per level. During testing, tower model constructed by team Burj Khalifah managed to sustain up to level 5. Meanwhile, tower from team Fujiyama maintained to level 7 with minor damages on the connection. Overall, this competition has practically exposed the students to analyze the weakest point of the tower structure when subjected to earthquake loading. The basic of the design and construction have been learned by the students theoretically under subject Structure Theory, Structure Analysis and Concrete Design.


Burj Khalifah

Chew Ho Kit

Muhammad Khusaizam Bin Mazalan

Syed Muhammad Afiq Bin Syed Sheikh

Harigaran A/L Superamaniam

Siti Kholijah Binti Ahmad

Siang Yew

Ang Si Wei

Asyraf Bin Mamat Ghani

Syafiqah Nadhirah Binti Zulkifli