Research collaboration between Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) and University of Hull (UOH), United Kingdom has been secured through the awarding grant of “Newton- Ungku Omar Fund- Mobility Grant” from The Royal Society, MIGHT and Academy Science of Malaysia, amounting GBP 12,000. Our first progress meeting and visit between the institutions, held in University of Hull, United Kingdom from 15th until 19th of May 2017 had been a successful event. The team presenting School of Environmental Engineering (SEE) UniMAP, are Dr Umi Fazara Md Ali (Malaysia PI), Dr Khairuddin Md Isa and Mrs Nur Hidayah Azmi.

On 10th August 2018, the collaborator from the UK, Dr Sharif Zein, Reader, UOH had visited SEEC, UniMAP. The team in Malaysia successfully organized the International Research Talk and knowledge transfer programme between the two institutions. Dr Zein had delivered a very interesting talk entitled “Applying a Circular Economy Model to Biomass Feed Stock Processing”. He emphasized that a circular economy is in favour of re-use and recycling as much as possible. The longer materials and resources are in use, the more value is extracted from them. He furthered explained that his current researches play an important role in the emerging circular economy such as dealing with agricultural residues generated in large amounts and a proper waste management could lead to the supply of an important industrial feedstock. These wastes are full of valuable materials witch can be extracted and processed to produce valuable added products. He concluded his talk with four main criteria’s towards achieving circular economy model to biomass feed stock processing which are efficient waste management, efficient resource utilization, advanced bio-based industries and new market opportunities.

During the visit, several postgraduates student presented their work on the production of various materials from agricultural waste using advance microwave technique. One of it was from Mrs Nur Hidayah Azmi, who presented on the utilization of biomass as an activated carbon in wastewater treatment. A very fruitful discussion was initiated after each presentation. Dr Zein was then invited to the lab tour around SEE and School of Bioprocess Engineering, UniMAP.

The event was a great success in gathering researchers from UniMAP to establish constructive collaboration with the international institutional such as University of Hull, UK. Exchange of experience, methodologies and good practice at this level is very useful. Both team from UniMAP and UOH are confident that our knowledge, experience and expertise will provide important insights on strengthening research on biomass utilization for example production of biofuels and advance eco-friendly biomaterials with a host of different potential applications in various industries.

Prepared by,
Ir Dr Umi Fazara Md Ali
Principal Investigator
Project Title: Advanced Microwave Pyrolysis Technique to Produce New Materials foe CO2 Adsorption.