Course Synopsis

Students will be exposed to Malaysian related laws and regulations on occupational safety and health (e.g. OSHA 1994) and environment (e.g. EQA 1974) and how to interpret the requirements stipulated under these documents. This course will also provide students the necessary information in identifying hazards, assessment and managing the risks that may be harmful to humans in the workplace.

Course Outcomes

CO1: Ability to comprehend and explain the legal requirement of environmental, safety and health laws and regulations.

CO2: Ability to describe and evaluate hazards in the workplace.

CO3: Ability to describe and evaluate the magnitude of risks on humans associated with the hazards in the workplace.

CO4: Ability to outline the management plan in managing the hazards and risks in the work place.


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  3. Environmental Quality Act & Regulations, 2006 (amended up to April), MDC Publishers Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia.