Course Synopsis

The aim of this course is to enable the students to learn the basic of mechanics and material engineering. In engineering mechanics portion, students will be introduced to fundamentals and principles of static and dynamics mechanics. Resultant and equilibrium of coplanar force system as well as spatial force system will be covered in static portion while kinematics and kinetics of particle in dynamics potion. In material engineering portion, the student will be also taught on structure of crystalline solids, imperfection of solid as well as strength of material.

Course Outcomes

CO1: Ability to construct free body diagram and ability to solve equilibrium problems using            equilibrium theory.

CO2:  Ability to determine friction and properties of sections.

CO3:  Ability to solve problems which relate to kinematics and kinetics of a particle.

CO4:  Ability to explain basic concepts of material strength as well as their mechanic properties.


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