Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Civil Engineering

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This discipline requires a broad knowledge referring to civil engineering fields. The objective of this program is to produce graduates who are academically qualified and skilled in the areas of civil engineering. Students who enrolled with this program will be exposed to various fields of knowledge about engineering that include design structures, foundations, concrete and steel, geomatics, geotechnical, water supply, highway, water resources, construction project management, IBS and materials. This program is accredited by Engineering Accreditation Council Malaysia (EAC) and Board of Engineering Malaysia (BEM).

The components of this program includes basic analysis and design structures such as reinforced concrete, steel and timber structures based on current standards requirements. In addition, an exposure in the fields of soil mechanics, geotechnical, materials, water supply, water resource, highway, construction and environmental management will be shared in this program.

Career Prospect

A wide range of job opportunities and career prospect is available for the graduates as they will be trained in multidisciplinary studies encompasses on processes, functions and performance as well as structural and construction engineering. UniMAP’s Bachelor of Civil Engineering graduates now have better opportunities in public and private sectors. The sectors that offer job opportunities related to Civil Engineering field are as follows:

• Construction Industries
• Research and Development (R&D) and Academic Institutions
• Government Departments and Agencies
• Local Government and Authorities
• Enacted Government Bodies such as CIDB, NIOSH, etc

A significant careers for Civil Engineering Graduates are as follows:

• Civil Engineers
• Consulting Engineer
• Facility Engineer
• Structural Engineer
• Design Engineer
• Site Engineer
• Resident Engineer
• Contractor/Specialist Supplier