Research Area: Civil Engineering

NoStudent NameProgramme/ Research AreaResearch TitleMain Supervisor
1MUSTAFA R R GHENBASHAPh.D (Civil Engineering)Structural Equation Modelling for Investigating Factors’ Affecting Delay Construction Project's in LibyaDr. Wan Mohd Sabki Wan Omar
2SITI MARISSA BINTI ABD RAHIMM.Sc (Civil Engineering)Connections Behaviour in Precast Concrete Structures Due to Seismic LoadingMohd Zulham Affandi Mohd Zahid
3MOHD SUHAIMI BIN AHMADM.Sc (Civil Engineering)Assessments of Water Resources Quality and Its Impact on The Chlorine DemandAssoc. Prof. Dr. Fahmi Muhammad Ridwan
4MUHD AFIQ HIZAMI BIN ABDULLAHM.Sc (Civil Engineering)Assessment of UHPFRC as Repair Material for Fire-Damaged Reinforced Concrete BeamsMohd Zulham Affandi Mohd Zahid
5NUR JIHAN SYAMIMI BINTI JAFRIM.Sc (Civil Engineering)Assessment of Soil Compaction using Surface Wave Method on Construction SiteIr. Dr. Mohd Asri Ab Rahim
6ZULHELMI BIN ZULKEFLEEM.Sc (Civil Engineering)The Performance of Reinforced Concrete Beam Installed with Lightning Protection SystemIr. Dr. Muhammad Arkam Che Munaaim
7SWARNA MUGIL A/P PIONE HIROLM.Sc (Civil Engineering)The Design of Steel Structure Element using Eurocode 3 and British StandardDr. Afizah Ayob
8ZAINAB ALI HULAIL AL-SOUDANYM.Sc (Civil Engineering)Carbon Footprints Assessment of Machineries Usage at Residential and Commercial Construction SitesDr. Afizah Ayob
9ADILAH ARMA BINTI SHAARI M.Sc (Civil Engineering)A Study on Best Practise Safety Management for Industrialised Building System (IBS) and Conventional MethodDr. Afizah Ayob
10ADIBAH BINTI ZAINON M.Sc (Civil Engineering)An Assessment of Risk Management in Grade Seven (G7) Construction CompanyDr. Afizah Ayob
11CRYSTAL GAYLE'S ANAK ROBERTM.Sc (Civil Engineering)Study on Polymeric Modified Coal Ash Mixtures for Geotechnical ApplicationDr. Afizah Ayob
12BASUKI BIN BAHAROMM.Sc (Civil Engineering)Assessment of Heavy Metals in Potable Water SupplyAssoc. Prof. Dr. Fahmi Muhammad Ridwan
13NORASHIKIN BINTI RAZALIM.Sc (Civil Engineering)Carbon Footprint and Embodied Energy Consumption Assessment of Building Construction Works in PerlisDr. Afizah Ayob
14NURUL AIN BINTI AHMAD M.Sc (Civil Engineering)The Study on Rock Buttress as Landslide Remediation Method in Tropical AreaDr. Afizah Ayob