Research Area: Building Engineering

NoStudent NameProgramme/ Research AreaResearch TitleMain Supervisor
1NORLIA BINTI MOHAMAD IBRAHIMPh.D (Building Engineering)Design and Development of Low Cost Lightweight Foamed Concrete for Load Bearing BlocksAssoc. Prof. Dr. Khairul Nizar Ismail
2ROSHAZITA BINTI CHE AMATPh.D (Building Engineering)Municipal Solid Waste Incineration as Alternative Material in ClinkerAssoc. Prof. Dr. Khairul Nizar Ismail
3NURFADZILLAH BINTI ISHAKPh.D (Building Engineering)Influence of Sustainability in Refurbishment of Buildings on Project PerformanceDr. Fazdliel Aswad Ibrahim
4NOR KHAIRUNNISA BINTI NORDIN Ph.D (Building Engineering)The Challenges Faced by IBS Manufacturers in Central Peninsular MalaysiaDr Wan Mohd Sabki Wan Omar
5MARDHIAH FARHANA BINTI OMARM.Sc (Building Engineering)Pengurusan Penyelenggaraan Bangunan Hospital di Pahang Melalui Penyumberan LuarDr. Fazdliel Aswad Ibrahim
6AWANG @ ABDUL HALIM BIN TAIBM.Sc (Building Engineering)Influence of Vertical Earthquake on The Reinforced Concrete BuildingsMohd Zulham Affandi Mohd Zahid
7ZAIDATUN NADIAH BINTI MUHAMAD SANUSIM.Sc (Building Engineering)The Assessment of Electrical Lightning Protection System Embedded in Reinforced ConcreteIr. Dr. Muhammad Arkam Che Munaaim
8ESRA'A SHEHADEH HUSSEIN ABBAASM.Sc (Building Engineering)Residential Building Renovation Based on Sustainable ArchitectureIr. Dr. Muhammad Arkam Che Munaaim