Fees Structure for Postgraduate Programme by Research

Payment of Fees

  • Fees include both recurrent (R) and non-recurrent (NR) fees. To register, all fees must be paid in full at the beginning of each semester. If candidate registers in the first half of semester, full semester payment is applicable, but for students registering in the second half of semester, they are required to pay only half of the semester tuition fee.
  • Fees payment can be made at any branch of Bank Muamalat (M) Bhd. in Malaysia.
  • Students with outstanding tuition fees can be terminated of their candidature and will cease from access to any of the facilities available in the university.
  • Replacement of any lost and damaged item or re-examination of thesis (if required) will be charged accordingly.
  • The university reserves the right to change (modify and/or add) any fee details from time to time without prior notice to students.